W E L C O M E  T O  L O V E  D E S I G N S !

What LoVe Designs is now began as an adventure of a girl who grew up playing between clothes, threads and illusions at her mother's workshop, who also dedicated to the design and making of clothes. 
At just 17 years old this young enthusiast and bodyboarding practitioner, put together her two passions, the design and the sea.
More than 20 years ago; as an attempt to create different designs and at the same time provide comfort when wearing swimsuits, Lorena Vera began in the world of clothing, developing her own company.
She started to make his own bikinis; but her success was so big that her friends began to ask for swimming suits designed to the measure, and, so one by one; without realizing it, she was already designing clothes for Venezuelan bands and later Costa Ricans.
Today, Lorena Vera is defined between two projects, her shop of bikinis and the creation of her swimwear brand LoVe Designs, as a product of a long trajectory and a lot of experience, which led her to the definition of her style, focused in the production of customized designs.
The name of her brand represents for Lorena Vera a very powerful world, for her initials Lo-Ve, which also make up the English world love, this is also for her the love for what she does, for her work and for style of life; nature lover and extreme sports.

O U R  M I S S I O N !

From its beginnings for the designer and bodyboarder, Lorena Vera, was always very important the sport, reason for which at the moment decided to form Team LoVe and in turn the creation of a sport line that allowed the maximum comfort the the equipment.
This group of girls are dedicated to various disciplines, such as: Surfing, Bodyboarding, Paddle Up, and Triathlon among others.
For the designer, lover of the sea, of the beach and of running different waves, the support to the sport is fundamental, as well as the feedback you get from the Team LoVe athletes, who are the ones who let her know their different needs, to achieve more and more their designs, achieving comfort in each piece.